~ New Beginnings and Fast Change~ Intuition and Ascension~ Looking Beyond Appearances~

~ New Beginnings and Fast Change~ Intuition and Ascension~ Looking Beyond Appearances~

All is in the Unseen before it is in the Seen

All is in the Unseen before it is in the Seen; Affirmations for the Soul. by Solara Solstice

The Agate Consciousness~ a Friend for Inner Growth

 Chalcedony Agate: A Teacher of Self Discovery Whenever I Connect with the Agate Consciousness I am in Wonder at the Deeper Lessons I learn about myself. They always help to open my eyes to some new epiphany or discovery.  ️Agate is a personal teacher that can help us to understand what mental or emotional blocksContinue reading “The Agate Consciousness~ a Friend for Inner Growth”

~The Ever Vibrant Orange Honey Calcite~

The Ever Vibrant Orange Honey Calcite is an Earth Treasure that Uplifts and Energizes our Mind, Body, and Spirit! These Beauties are a Juicy Treat that Invigorate our Energetic Fields, Refreshing us with Cleansed and Vibrant Vibrations for Ultimate Vitality of Being. Staring into and Connecting with this stone Helps Ignite a Creative Spark andContinue reading “~The Ever Vibrant Orange Honey Calcite~”

~ The Loving Essence of Wavellite ~

By Solara Solstice, January 15, 2020 ~ Wavellite is a Mineral that Displays a Radiating Globular Crystal Habit. This Radiating Habit Produces a Unique Pinwheel Effect if the rock is naturally fractured and some of the Crystal Globules are cleaved through. The Radial Cluster Reflects Light to Produce a Sparkling Pinwheel Effect that is Energetically Rejuvenating!Continue reading “~ The Loving Essence of Wavellite ~”

Rainbow Obsidian Golden Shimmer

GORGEOUS Raw Rainbow Obsidian! An Amazing Specimen Of Flashy Volcanic Glass that has Crystallized Inclusions of Magnetite! A Wonderful Seers STONE for Divination and a Stone of Protection from Environmental Energy Shifts. Truly an Amazing NATURAL Earth Treasure Displaying an Inspiring Array of Colors and Unique Properties! We have more Amazing Obsidians Specimens on ourContinue reading “Rainbow Obsidian Golden Shimmer”

Treasures For Your Spiritual Journey

Hand Crafted One-of-a-Kind Treasures for Your Spiritual Journey by Solara Solstice! The Top Photo Displays An Amplifying Dream Catcher With A Blue Sacred Geometric Webbing Design And A Copper Ring With Genuine Lapis Lazuli Spheres to Help Amplify Positive and Vivid Dreams. Below are Hand Crafted Purple Feather Earrings With Lovely Silver Angel Wing Charms!Continue reading “Treasures For Your Spiritual Journey”

Hand Made Wood Meditation Grids by Solara Solstice!

http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=172469124589&alt=web Hand Cut And Hand Burned Pentacle And Triangle Grids by Solara Solstice! These Natural Meditation Grids Come With Natural Water Clear Crystals from Arkansas to place on your Grid for your Manifestation Work. Love to you & Blessed be, Solara Posted from WordPress for Android

New Hand Made Meditation Grid by Solara Solstice!

http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&id=172469023596&alt=web Blessed be to you. Solara Posted from WordPress for Android