Body of Light MERKABAH Energy Smudge Kits by Solara Solstice!

🏡 Merkabah Energy Smudge Kits to Cleanse Your Mind, Body, & Spirit! 🏡 Our Smudge Kits are Perfect to Cleanse Heavy Dense Energy in Any Space to Promote Productivity & Health. 🏞 Each Kit Includes an Intentionally Selected Collection of Crystals & a Merkabah Sigil Necklace! πŸ’

🌿🌼 Our Herb Bundles are Made with a Fresh Dried Sage Bundle, Palo Santo Wood Sticks, and Cedarwood Strips from a Cedarwood Tree struck by lightening and infused with it’s High Energy. 🌬⚑This Cleansing and Healing Smudge Bundle Radiates a Natural And Fresh Aroma. Once lit, the Positive Energy Shift in Any Space can be Immediately felt. πŸ’

πŸ’Ž Our Energy Smudge Sage Kits include an assortment of Intentionally selected Crystals. As seen in the above photo, this Includes: a Green Fluorite Octahedron Crystal, an Apache Tear Obsidian Nodule from Arizona, an Energizing and Vibrant Orange Carnelian Specimen, an Amplifying Clear Quartz Crystal from Arkansas, a Beautiful and Calming Banded Agate, and a Protective Rainbow Obsidian Specimen from California! 🧿

πŸ’ Each of our Crystals, Stones, Tektites, and Fossils are Always 100% Natural and Unenhanced. πŸŒ„ They are Pure and Natural as Nature Intended. We Provide Only the Finest Quality High Vibrational Crystals for Energetic Work and Healing for Maximum Results. πŸ§˜β€β™‚οΈπŸ§˜β€β™€οΈ

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With Love & Light,


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By MysticalEarthTreasures

~ Mystical Earth Treasures is a Unique Crystal and Wellness Boutique! ~ Each Natural Mineral, Fossil, Obsidian, and Tektite Specimen we offer is Chosen for its Exquisite Nature and Positive Energy. Our Passion is to share the Beauty and Natural Healing Treasures of our home, Earth, while Developing a Deeper Connection to Inner Spirit through Crystal Healing, Energy Services, and Soul Messages. Mystical Earth Treasures is truly a place where Body Meets Spirit and Spirit Meets Earth. We are adding a wide variety of Natural Earth Treasures and New Spiritual Tools Intentionally Created by Solara Solstice for Physical and Energetic Needs. Sign up for our Blog and Join us on Social Media for the Latest Updates! ~ Blessings to You ~ Solara Solstice

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